Hey Guys,

Happy 1st of October! The Chinese holiday has officially started which means our factory in China and Courier companies are now on holiday. The Chinese holiday, known as Golden week is from October 1st – October 7th and during this time the majority of companies will close for the holiday.

Therefore, during this time we can expect both shipping and production delays. Our factory will return to work on October 4th and will begin to catch up on production and most of our courier companies will be back by October 6th.

Please note that it may take a few more days than usual for tracking numbers to be updated and we can expect shipping delays of 5-7 days.

Did you know, last year over 705 million people traveled within China during this week generating 87.8 billion USD in travel revenues?! It is the second busiest week for tourism in China after Chinese New Year. During this week you often hear people say ‘People Mountain, People Sea’ which basically means everywhere is overcrowded!!

Watch Tor’s video to find out more and find out what products you’re missing from your store!!

Cheers Guys and Happy Golden Week!