Hey Guys!

Today we’re excited to bring you another product we’re making a massive price cut on – Bed Sets!

We’ve been working with our suppliers to get you the absolute best deals on our top selling products so you can maximize your success for the upcoming sales season.

Our  bed sets come in three sizes, Twin, Queen, King.

We have lowered the base cost on all three sizes so you can push more ads and get higher margins on your sales.

Twin $55.00 $35.00

Queen $60.00 $39.00

King  $65.00  $43.00

The promotional pricing goes into effect immediately and will be applied to all your bed sets until December 31st, 2019!

It’s important to note that all bed sets that were built with the standard product builder will be shipped with EMS shipping. The free Express Shipping on the bed sets will be discontinued during this promotion.

If you want your bed sets shipped with express shipping, you will need to manually upgrade your order to express after the order is placed or build your product with the express line builder.

Please see the video for more details.

Best of Luck,

The Pillow Profits Team