Hey Guys,

Today we’re rolling out a great improvement to the bedding set mock ups in the app!

This new update will only affect bed sets that you create in the future.  You can still sell your existing bedding products in your store and you don’t need to change anything.

The new bedding mock ups we launched today include two major improvements.

  1. We got rid of the fold in the mock up that was blocking part of  your artwork design…so now your entire design will be visible!
  2. We are displaying all three sizes of bedding (twin, queen, and king) on the product page, before we only showed the queen size.

These improvements will help your products convert better and that’s a good thing!

This update won’t affect your old bedding listings, so you can keep all of your old bedding products the same and continue to sell them.

We’re always working to improve the app and set you up for success! We look forward to making more exciting announcements as the year goes on!