Hey Guys,

Today we’re proud to bring you our newest product – Economy Hooded Blankets!

We’ve been working hard to bring you the best priced hooded blankets in the entire POD market – starting at just $29.99 for youth size and $33.00 for adult size (including EMS shipping), these are the lowest priced hooded blankets in the entire POD industry!

The nice thing about our new hooded blankets is they use the same exact size art template as our more expensive premium hooded blankets, so you don’t need to re-do your art when building your new Economy Hooded Blanket listings in your store.

We made some brand new mock ups for this product and they are by far the best hooded blanket mock ups in the print on demand market!

Whats the difference between the Economy Hooded Blankets and our original hooded blankets? Watch the video to find out!

We’re sure your customers will love these lower priced hooded blankets and you can learn more about the product here –> https://pillowprofits.com/economy-hooded-blankets/

(If you don’t want to take advantage of the new Economy Hooded Blankets we are still fulfilling all the original higher priced premium Sherpa hooded blankets that are available in the app)

Good Luck

The Pillow Profits Team