Hey Guys,

We hope you all had a good weekend!

We’d like to remind you all of the upcoming holidays in China that could affect your shipping times.

The biggest holiday coming up is Golden Week which is October 1st – 7th. During this holiday a lot of companies will close; DHL will be closed for 5 days, EMS will be closed for 3 days and Customs will only work a few days during the week.

This means that there will be some shipping delays; tracking numbers may be uploaded 3-5 days later than usual and shipping may be delayed from 5-7 days during this holiday period.

However, our factory will still be working so the production will continue as normal.

Please make sure you are aware of the delays that could occur during Golden Week and please watch Tors’ video for more important updates.

Mid-Autumn Festival is also just around the corner, luckily most companies will just close for one day so we won’t experience any delays with this holiday. However, if you fancy celebrating it this year – go get yourself a moon cake!