Hey Guys,

We’re excited to bring you yet another product – Rugs!

The rug is a perfect way to bring personality to any room at an affordable cost!

We launched this a few days ago and they’re already selling for a lot of stores…that means it’s a winner that you’ll want to get into your store if you haven’t already.

As always the mock ups look amazing and are getting tons of clicks on paid traffic.

The rugs have competitive base costs that include the shipping fee and come in three sizes…

3 x 5 feet base cost: $34.99

4 x 6 feet base cost: $44.99

5 x 8 feet base cost: $55.99

You can learn more about our rugs here –> http://pillowprofits.com/rugs

We are seeing our sellers retail the rugs at $50-$80 so make sure you give this product a try this week!

Also don’t forget about one of our recent launches – umbrellas!

Umbrellas are selling like crazy for the stores that uploaded designs. This could be a huge success if you haven’t tried them yet!

Happy Selling,

The Pillow Profits Team