Hey Guys,

Today we’re proud to bring you a unique new product – sofa protectors!

These are a great product for people with pets and/or kids who want to keep their furniture protected and add some exciting style to the room.

Sofa protectors are one of the hottest home décor products sold online and the market is huge for this product!

The sofa protectors come in 7 different sizes so most of your customers can find the size that fits their particular furniture.

Sizes and pricing offered below (including shipping):

23” Chair: $24.99

28” Recliner: $29.99

48” Chair and a Half: $37.99

54” Loveseat: $39.99

70” Futon: $39.99

70” Sofa: $46.99

78” Oversized Sofa: $49.99


You can learn more about the product on the product specs page here https://pillowprofits.com/sofa-protectors/

We recommend using fun patterns on these protectors because the placement may vary depending on the shape of your customer’s furniture.

We’re already seeing fun designs in a few niches selling on this untapped product so make sure you give it a try in your store!

We have a lot of new awesome Summer products coming for you soon so keep your eyes on Pillow Profits for the most innovative product selection in POD!

Happy Selling

The Pillow Profits Team