Hey Guys,

Today we had to make some very difficult decisions regarding a temporary price increase inside the app that will be taking effect immediately.

We have been notified through our logistics department that air freight for standard carriers including but not limited to China Post, EUB, 4PX, SF Express and other routes will be more than doubling their rates effective April 27th, 2020.

For those of you who have been selling with Pillow Profits during our four years of operation, you know that we have NEVER raised the prices on our products in our company’s history – so please know we did everything in our power to not have to raise pricing.

Throughout the years of operating Pillow Profits, any increases in shipping and production costs have been absorbed on our end and we have worked hard with our production and logistics partners to keep our pricing low so that you can push your business to maximum profits.

We know how important every dollar is to your business and we will be sharing in the pain of these price increases along with you as we are absorbing as much of the cost as possible without going into the negative.

Please note that these price increases are temporary due to the extraordinary demand on air freight at the current moment as the world struggles to cope with the outbreak of Covid-19 and know that we will return the prices back to normal as soon as we can. Currently our logistics teams are hopeful that we can lower the prices back down in 30 to 60 days from this unexpected rate increase.

The following products will have their priced increased effective immediately and we will update you with throughout this week with any other price increases as our logistics partners update their pricing.

Product New Price Increase Amount Shipping Method
Face Mask 11.9 2 Air Freight
15 Filter 11.99 2 Air Freight
30 Filter 17.99 2 Air Freight
60 Filter 31.99 2 Air Freight
Tumblers 21.99 0 Express Shipping
Grocery Bag 3-Pack 20.99 4 Air Freight
Tote Bag 8 2 Air Freight
Large Leather Tote 34 8  Air Freight
Small Leather Tote 32 8  Air Freight
Shoulder Handbag 28 8  Air Freight
Canvas Saddle Bag 30 8  Air Freight
House Flag 16.99 2 Air Freight
Garden Flag 10.99 2 Air Freight
Chunky Boots 39.99 8  Air Freight
Adult Sleeve Blanket 34.99 4 Air Freight
Youth Sleeve Blanket 28.99 4 Air Freight
Women’s Capris 25.99 4 Air Freight
Women’s Leggings 25.99 4 Air Freight
Bandana 3-Pack 13.99 2 Air Freight
Winter Sneakers 41.99 10 Express Shipping
Fashion Boots 47.99 10 Express Shipping
Polar Boots 57.99 10 Express Shipping
Youth Hooded Blanket 35 4 Air Freight
Adult Hooded Blanket 39 4 Air Freight
Twin Bedding Set 39 4 Air Freight
Queen Bedding Set 43 4 Air Freight
King Bedding Set 47 4 Air Freight
Leather Boots 43.99 8  Air Freight
Faux Fur Leather Boots 43.99 8  Air Freight
No-Box Economy High Tops 30.99 8  Air Freight
No Box Economy Low Tops 30.99 8  Air Freight
Twin Quilt Bed Set 43.99 4 Air Freight
Queen Quilt Bed Set 49.99 4 Air Freight
King Quilt Bed Set 59.99 4 Air Freight
Quilt Lap/Crib 23.99 4 Air Freight
Quilt Throw 29.99 4 Air Freight
Quilt Twin 36.99 4 Air Freight
Quilt Queen 43.99 4 Air Freight
Quilt King 48.99 4 Air Freight
Blanket Youth 23.5 4 Air Freight
Blanket Large 25.99 4 Air Freight
Blanket X-Large 27.99 4 Air Freight
Car Seat Covers 36.99 4 Air Freight
All Season Boots 55.99 10 Express Shipping
Bell Lamp Shade 21.99 4 Air Freight
Drum Lamp Shade 21.99 4 Air Freight
Sport Sneakers 39.99 10 Express Shipping
Chunky Sneakers 39.99 10 Express Shipping
Pet Seat Cover 43.99 4 Air Freight
Youth Sneakers 33.99 8  Air Freight
Mens/Womens Sneakers 35.99 8  Air Freight
High Tops 37.99 8  Air Freight
Low Tops 37.99 8  Air Freight
Dining Chair Slip Cover 19.99 4 Air Freight
40″ Recliner Slip Cover 40.99 4 Air Freight
43″ Chair Slip Cover 37.99 4 Air Freight
68″ Loveseat Slip Cover 43.99 4 Air Freight
90″ Sofa Slip Cover 50.99 4 Air Freight
Bean Bag Chair 135 41 Not Available
Crossbody Boho Handbag 28 4 EMS
Slide Sandals 22.99 4 Air Freight
23″ Chair Sofa Protector 28.99 4 Air Freight
28″ Recliner Sofa Protector 33.99 4 Air Freight
48″ Chair and Half Sofa Protector 41.99 4 Air Freight
54″ Loveseat Sofa Protector 43.99 4 Air Freight
70″ Futon Sofa Protector 43.99 4 Air Freight
70″ Sofa Protector 50.99 4 Air Freight
78″ Oversized Sofa Protector 53.99 4 Air Freight
Youth Economy Hooded Blanket 39.99 10 Express Shipping
Adult Economy Hooded Blanket 43 10 Express Shipping
Small Rug 44.99 10 EMS
Medium Rug 61.99 17 EMS
Large Rug 81.99 26 EMS
Umbrella 28.99 7 EMS
Women’s Shorts 21.99 4 Air Freight
Men’s Shorts 21.99 4 Air Freight
Women’s Apron 19.99 4 Air Freight
Men’s Apron 19.99 4 Air Freight
Men’s Tank Top 19.99 4 Air Freight
Women’s Racerback Tank Top 19.99 4 Air Freight
Mesh Knit Sneakers 42 10  Air Freight
Women’s Dress 43.99 4 Air Freight
Women’s Off Shoulder Sweater 33.99 4 Air Freight
Slippers 25.99 4 Air Freight
Auto Sun Shade 27.99 4 Air Freight
Men’s Sweater 33.99 4 Air Freight
Women’s Sweater 33.99 4 Air Freight
Women’s Hoodie Dress 30.99 4 Air Freight
Men’s Bomber Jacket 43.99 4 Air Freight
Women’s Bomber Jacket 43.99 4 Air Freight
Small Tapestry 23.99 4 Air Freight
Medium Tapestry 30.99 4 Air Freight
Large Tapestry 38.99 4 Air Freight
Sarong 19.99 2 Air Freight
Shower Curtain 33.99 4 Air Freight
Beach Blanket 29.99 5 EMS
Men’s Bath Robe 40.99 4 Air Freight
Women’s Bath Robe 38.99 4 Air Freight
Youth All Over Zip Hoodie 38.99 4 Air Freight
Men’s All Over Zip Hoodie 40.99 4 Air Freight
Women’s All Over Zip Hoodie 39.99 4 Air Freight
Front Car Mats 36.99 4 Air Freight
Front and Back Car Mats 43.99 4 Air Freight
Youth All Over Hoodie 31.99 4 Air Freight
Men’s All Over Hoodie 33.99 4 Air Freight
Women’s All Over Hoodie 32.99 4 Air Freight
Luggage Covers 19.99 4 Air Freight
Pillow Cover 7 2 Air Freight
Socks 8 2 Air Freight
Men’s Flip Flops 15 4 Air Freight
Women’s Flip Flops 15 4 Air Freight
Men’s Athletic Sneakers 40 8  Air Freight
Women’s Athletic Sneakers 40 8  Air Freight
Men’s Slip Ons 40 8  Air Freight
Women’s Slip Ons 40 8  Air Freight
Kids Slip Ons 35 8  Air Freight
Womens Casual Shoes 33 8  Air Freight
Back Pack 31 4 Air Freight
Faux Fur Boots 49.99 8  Air Freight

*Please note where labeled that the increase in price may force your product to an express courier by default so your customer will receive the item within 10-15 business days.

There are three main reasons causing the sudden increase in air freight costs in China:

1) The Chinese government has prioritized the delivery of medical personal protective equipment using China Post infrastructure to countries in need. Medical equipment for front-liners is deemed more important in this time of crisis over typical ecommerce goods. This has put a significant strain on non-medical goods trying to find a way to leave China and get to their destination countries.

2) With more than two billion people worldwide spending a significant amount of time at home in lock down, eCommerce sales have more than quadrupled since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis.

3) Air freight companies such as China Post use the extra cargo capacity inside of commercial airliners carrying people to ship a large percentage of their packages.  With international commercial aviation restrictions being put into place to reduce the spread of Covid-19 there has been a massive shortage of cargo space to ship eCommerce goods.

The good news is these measures are temporary and we do anticipate a return to normalcy within the next 60 days as more countries open their economies and travel is restricted less.

Rest assured that Pillow Profits is looking to the future and we are working hard right now to develop new products that will lead the print on demand industry after the pandemic has subsided. Together we will get through this tumultuous time and we will come out stronger on the other side. Thank you for your trust and we look forward to a brighter future helping you build your print on demand business!