Hey Guys,

Adam here with a free training + free designs for you!

The World Cup is right around the corner and it’s a huge opportunity to cash-in big on worldwide frenzy of fans who cheer-on their national teams.

Make sure you’re store is prepared for this great selling opportunity!

To help you get prepared, we’ve provided you with free training on how to target soccer fans from different countries and…

We put together some free designs that you can sell in your store!

To download the designs you can click hereĀ https://pillowprofits.com/world-cup

We highly recommend you work with your own designers to make even cooler designs for the World Cup (Our designs are here just to inspire you).

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The World Cup starts June 14, 2018 and goes into mid July so now is the perfect time to start selling. We already saw some stores having success with World Cup related designs!