Hey Guys,

As the Holiday Shopping Rush approaches, sales are getting stronger by the day!

We want to make sure you are in position to take advantage of this huge sales rush by setting up your store properly with our Express Line products to make sure your customers are receiving their goods on time!

Last year, during the last 2 months of the year, we saw serious delays with EMS shipping, which is why we created our Express Line products, so you can avoid these costly delays and keep your customers happy during the holidays with expedient delivery times right through the Holidays.

To prepare your store with Express Line products, there are 2 methods, we show you how to do both of them in the video above.

We recommend you begin transitioning your store to express delivery over the next few weeks so you don’t have to deal with EMS delays in November – January. It’s all about keeping your customers happy in this time of year so make sure you get off EMS delivery before November so you can insure your customers get their packages in time for the Holidays!

We’ll be making several posts leading into the Holiday season about the importance of switching to Express Line so you can prioritize it on your list of things to do.