Hi Guys,

In this video we’ll cover important dates you need to know for Chinese New Year 2019 and how it will affect your business.

To ensure we can produce and get your items to the couriers, make sure you have your orders paid and processed by January 22nd.

You can continue to sell throughout the entire holiday, however you should avoid scaling new winning campaigns from January 23rd to February 6th.

Once February 7th rolls around you can resume launching and scaling to your hearts content and there won’t be any noticeable delays for your customers.

Between January 23rd and February 6th, we highly recommend you put some sort of notification on your site (like a banner) letting customers know that their packages may be delayed 10-14 days due to the holiday.

Our factory will operate at a limited capacity from February 3 – 10 to make sure we stay on top of your orders.

As always, transparency is the best policy with your customers.

If you take our advice you will have minimal disturbance to your business during this year’s Chinese New Year.

Once Chinese New Year has passed it’s smooth sailing for many months of trouble-free selling so use this time to get ready for a big push into the Spring and Summer.