Hey Guys,

Its Monday again and Tor is on her way to the factory on what is a very sunny day in Quanzhou, China!

You guys have done an awesome job with sales this month and we’re excited to see if the second half of the month can be just as good!

Hooded blankets are still number one in the factory, but can you guess what other products are in high demand?

The hooded blanket production is back to normal now,  however we are seeing slight delays at customs due to the high volume of parcels.

To fix this we sent our rep down to the city of Shenzhen to meet with DHL and discuss how we can improve our shipping process and make things a lot smoother and faster! So hopefully the future brings some even better shipping times for Pillow Profits…

Catch up with Tor as she walks to work and find out why car horns are so popular in China!

Let’s have a good week of sales! Happy Monday Funday!