Hey Guys,

Today we’re excited to announce our newest feature – CSV Order Importer Beta!

This feature is great for sellers who are selling Pillow Profits products on other platforms like etsy, Woocommerce, Amazon, etc.

The new feature will allow you to quickly take any orders you’ve made on another platform and import them via CSV format into the Pillow Profits app and order management system.

You must have a Shopify store and the Pillow Profits app to use this feature, and it’s important to note that this is not an integration for other platforms.  You will need to manually bring your Pillow Profits products over to other platforms outside of Shopify if you wish to sell from the Pillow Profits catalog.

If you don’t feel comfortable handling CSVs and manually publishing products to other platforms, we recommend you stick with our native Shopify app and sell on a Shopify store.

You can begin using this new tool in your business but this is a new feature that is still in beta so please be patient as we develop this new software throughout the year.