Hey Guys,

Today we’ve launched an update to our blanket and quilt builder to include some fresh mock ups that will help you make sales during the fall and winter months.

The update will apply to all your future blanket and quilt campaigns (unfortunately we can’t retroactively add these views to your existing campaigns).

This is a great opportunity to take advantage of our incredibly low promo pricing we have on blankets and quilts in the app that will apply to your sales all the way to the end of the year!

Also, we want to take this opportunity to inform our seller community that if you’re using Pillow Profits mock ups and fulfilling with outside vendors, this is a violation of the Pillow Profits Terms of Service.

We have had to remove several dozen stores from the App due to the unauthorized use of mock ups, so if you’re using Pillow Profits mock ups to sell your products, make sure you’re also fulfilling with Pillow Profits.

Good Luck and Happy Selling.

The Pillow Profits Team