Hey Guys,

Today we’re excited to bring you our newest addition to the product catalog – Grocery Bag 3-Packs!

While most retail stores have been shut down in recent weeks, grocery stores are still open and many people are still buying groceries regularly at their local food markets.

This is a great product for customers looking for an Eco-friendly way to grocery shop with a set of re-usable grocery bags that look great and are environmentally friendly. 

These bags are ultra strong, are made from tear-proof polyester and are priced competitively at just $16.99 including EMS shipping for the entire set of three bags.

We took a lot of time to make sure the mock ups look great so you can get lots of traffic and clicks when advertising this new and exciting product.

We’re sure this is going to be a hit for Print-On-Demand since no other fulfillment service has this unique product offering. 

You can learn more about these amazing bags here –> https://pillowprofits.com/grocery-bags/ 

Good Luck and Happy Selling!

The Pillow Profits Team