Hey Guys,

Today we are excited to launch two new products – Stair Stickers and Hydro Tracking Bottles!

Stair Stickers

Our Stair Stickers can be built as a set of 6 for shorter staircases or a set of 13 for taller staircases.

This is a great product to add style and personality to homes – especially during the holiday season to add fun holiday-themed designs for homeowners looking to decorate their stairs.

You can learn more about our stair sticker products here – https://pillowprofits.com/stair-stickers/

Hydro Tracking Bottles

Hydro tracking bottles are very popular POD top-selling product.

Please note that these bottles are different than our other products and require a PNG file to be uploaded for your art files rather than the standard JPEG format that all of our other products utilize.

You can put any style of design you want on these bottles but they are specially designed to put hydration tracking markers with fun motivational graphics for your customers to stay hydrated throughout the day.

You can see a ton of fun examples of design inspiration here to get an idea of how you can make your designs –  https://www.64hydro.com/collections/water-tracker-bottle

You can also find tons of examples on Amazon.com if you search for “Hydro Tracking Water Bottles”.

In the safe zone file we provide you will find that we have marked the fluid ounce measurement markers as it corresponds to the bottle so you can design your own custom tracking designs with the pre-done measurement markers for reference.

We know you will have success selling these bottles as they are red-hot in the POD market for many niches and are a very strong seller.

You can learn more about the Hydro Tracking Bottles here – https://pillowprofits.com/hydro-tracking-bottles/

Thanks for your support and we’ll be back soon with more new product announcements!

The Pillow Profits Team