Hey Guys,

Today we’re excited to introduce you to the newest addition to our product catalog – Economy No Box High Tops and Low Tops.

This product is geared towards sellers who want to make the most amount of profit with a lower quality shoe shipped with no box.

If you are trying to build a brand we recommend you skip this product and stick with our premium high tops and low tops that are shipped in a box.

If you are still interested in trying the new economy high tops and low tops you should be aware of the following:

These shoes will be shipped in a poly bag and stuffed with paper to preserve the shoe form.

There are no free size exchanges for these shoes. You will be responsible for finding a solution with your customer if the shoes do not fit at your own expense.

These shoes are made with an EVA sole, which differs in quality and weight to our premium rubber soles used on the premium high tops and low tops.

These shoes will use the same art dimensions as our other high tops and low tops so you can re-use your artwork to build your products.

The removable insole pad is the same as our premium high tops and low tops.

The shape of the sole and shoe is the same as our premium high tops and low tops.

You can learn more about the products here:



Now that you’re aware of the features and policy for this new product you can make the best decision for your business and decide if you want to try to sell them!

Happy Selling,

The Pillow Profits Team