Hi Guys,

This week we are excited to bring you two new styles of sneakers that are selling RED-HOT in the POD market.

The first new style is our Chunky Sneaker which features a thick and stylish sole. This unique sole profile is getting a lot of sales for our sellers and we recommend you get them into your store!

You can learn more about the Chunky Sneaker here –> https://pillowprofits.com/chunky-sneakers/

The second new style is our Sporty Sneaker. This is a more sleek and streamlined sneaker that allows you to take advantage of a larger printable area for your designs.

The Sporty Sneakers have been selling extremely well and we highly recommend you adapt your old winning designs to this new style.

You can learn more about the Sporty Sneakers here –>https://pillowprofits.com/sporty-sneakers/

We’ve priced both styles extremely competitively so you can make great profit…both shoes will be fulfilled for just $29.99 including EMS shipping!

We hope you have massive success with these two new sneakers!

Happy Selling!

The Pillow Profits Team