Hey Guys,

In late march many of you may have experienced severe delays using EMS standard shipping routes with Pillow Profits. EMS has struggled as of late particularly with packages entering the US from China. We were told by suppliers and logistics companies that the delays were caused by a mixture of heavy demand on air freight as certain parts of the economy re-opened, a shortage of customs workers at clearance centers across the United States and a shortage of cargo planes due to heavy demand caused by the emergent outbreak of COVID-19 in India during March and April. During this time some packages were taking in excess of 60 days to arrive at customers’ homes.

As economies around the world continue to re-open and demand on air-freight is projected to increase throughout the year, we needed to find a solution for this problem.

During the first week of June 2021, we automatically switched the majority of standard shipped products from EMS over to YUN Express/ 4px. This has drastically cut delivery times down from where they were at 60+ days down to just 8-16 days.

You can find the complete list of products below that we are now shipping with YUN Express/4px.

The extra cost to ship your products with the faster couriers is very significant; however we did NOT raise pricing in the app on your products because our priority in this turbulent time period is to get your goods delivered on-time instead of making profit.

We do anticipate shipping times on EMS to return to normal at some point in the next 6 months, at which point we will return to EMS shipping on standard shipping priced goods, but until then we will use the faster and more expensive YUN Express/4px to make sure your goods are delivered on-time.

We recommend exclusively selling the products listed below to make sure your customers will receive their items on time.

We also recommend using the Express Shipping products in the app which utilizes FedEx/UPS and are averaging 6-12 day delivery times.

Below is the complete list of products that we are now shipping with YUN Express/4px:

Shoulder Handbag

Large Leather Tote

Small Leather Tote

Saddle Bag



High Tops

Low Tops


Leather Boots


Fur Boots

Athletic Sneakers

Car Seat Covers

Luggage Cover

Hooded Blanket

Car Mats

Bath Robe


Zip Hoodie


Shower Curtain


Bomber Jacket

Hoodie Dress




Off Shoulder Sweater

Sun Shade


Premium Blanket

Men’s Tank Top

Women’s Tank

Midi Dress

Mesh Knit Sneakers




Quilt Bed Set

Sofa Protector


Slip Cover

Lamp Shade

Chunky Boots

Sleeve Blanket


Grocery Bags


Face Masks

Laundry Hamper

Laundry Basket

Stair Stickers

Mouse Pad

Mouse Mat

Door Sock

Sanitizer Bottle

Sanitizer Keychain Bottle

Storage Cube

3 Tier Hanging Shelf

Face Mask with Travel Case

Beach Blanket



Boho bag

Travel Bag

Steering Wheel Cover

Seat Belt Cover

Clutch Purse

Leather Wallet

Wallet Phone Case

Reusable Coffee Cup


Premium Face Masks

Jigsaw Puzzle

Hydro Tracking Bottle

Belt Buckle

Door Mat