Hey Guys,

Today we want to go over an update to our express-line policy.

If you sell items with the express-line shipping method and you don’t collect the customer’s phone number in your checkout process, Pillow Profits will not refund or reimburse the package in the event that there is a failed delivery with the express courier, or the package is held in customs (awaiting VAT or duty payment).

Providing the customer phone number for Pillow Profits to put on the package prevents nearly 100% of failed delivery attempts and customs hold-ups with express couriers.

If we don’t have a phone number for the package, we will still ship it, however there will be no reimbursement in the event of a failed delivery or a customs hold.

Please watch the video if you sell express-line items for the full explanation.

In the video we show you how to make it mandatory for customers to provide their phone number in the checkout process.

Collecting the phone number will solve problems like missed delivery attempts by the express courier, and customs holding packages waiting to be paid VAT and duties in countries like Canada, Germany, UK, France and other nations that require import duties to be paid.

We appreciate your cooperation with our new policy.

Pillow Profits Team