Hey Guys,

If you haven’t guessed what this email is about, we’ll give you a hint – QUILTS!

Today we’re proud to bring you our premium quilts.

We spent over 5 months developing our quilts and we’re 100% sure we have the highest quality product in the market – just check the video above to see the difference over the competition!

Not only is the quality superior, but the pricing is INCREDIBLE!

The base cost for the lap blanket size quilt is just $26.99 which includes shipping. You won’t find a better deal than that.

Coupled with our fantastic mock ups, you will hit a homerun when you put these quilts on your store.

Be advised, we went ALL-OUT with the quilt mock ups and gave you more images than ever before to display this product in your store and use for ads so it may take a few minutes for the images to load and publish to your store when you’re uploading.

Be patient while the app loads your images, we promise the mock ups will be worth it!

Pricing Breakdown

Lap Blanket / Crib Quilt: $26.99 Standard Shipping Included

Throw Blanket: $29.99 Standard Shipping Included

Twin Bedspread: $45.00 Express Shipping Included

Queen Bedspread: $50.00 Express Shipping Included

King Bedspread: $55.00 Express Shipping Included

You can read more about our quilts and our shipping policy on the quilt page here à https://pillowprofits.com/quilts/